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Dog Clinic Cum Diagnostic Laboratory
Pet Clinic in Panchkula is being serving the pet population of try city for the last 25 years with utmost dedication and sincerity and is one of the best veterinary doctor in panchkula. It is being run by a team of dedicated veterinary professionals under the inspirational leadership of Dr. S.C Aneja is a senior veterinary consultant with 25 years of experience in the field of veterinary medicine and is a master in the diagnosis of tick borne and skin diseases. reproduction and ultrasound consultant in providing latest diagnostic and surgical facilities to pet patients. Our Services include: Pet Treatment based on latest diagnostics Vaccination All kinds of Lab Investigations All kinds of surgeries incl. elective surgeries (Spaying and Castration) Orthopaedic Surgery (Bone Pining and Plating) Anti Tick X-Ray ECG [Digital] Pulse Oximetry State of the Art Operation Theatre & Gas Anaesthesia Critical Care Unit Ultrasonic Dental Scaling Dog Bath and Grooming Pet Accessories Incl. dog food and snacks Vaginal cytology & canine infertility treatment Dog Eye care Hair care Pet Ultrasound Pet Surgery
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